Choose your Cigar

How Often Do You Smoke a Cigar?


Once a Week


Never, I just started smoking

How Many Cigars Do You Have In Your Possession Right Now?


One or two

I have a box of them

I have more than I can count!

Do You Have A Humidor In Your Home?

No, I haven’t even considered it

No, but I have been thinking about purchasing one

Yes, I do have a very small one

Yes, my humidor is almost a whole room in my house!

How Much Do You Typically Spend On Cigars Each Month?

Just a few dollars so far

Less than $50.00

Somewhere between $50 - $200 per month


What Level Of “Strength” Do You Prefer Your Cigars To Be?

Light aka “Mellow” Bodied



I don’t know what strength I would prefer

What Flavors Are Most Appealing To You?

Earthy or Plant-Like Flavors

Herbal or Spicy Flavors

Fruity or Sweet Flavors

Roasted or Toasted Flavors

Does Smoking A Cigar Help To Calm Your Nerves?

Nope, it gets me more fired up!

I guess so. I definitely enjoy the feeling

Yes, smoking a good cigar helps me maintain my cool

It might. I get so worked up that it could be helpful

Do You Ever Like To Dip Your Cigar In Alcohol?

I’ve never done that before. Is it good?

I do that occasionally, but only if the cigar I’m smoking isn’t very good

ALL the time! It tastes AMAZING!

No, I would never ruin a cigar by doing that

What Is Your Favorite Kind Of Restaurant?

A Classic Steakhouse

A French Bistro

A Gastropub

A Small, Local, Family Diner that serves breakfast all day

How Many Different Cigar Brands Have You Smoked In The Last Year?

None, I am a brand-new cigar smoker

Just one or two

I have a revolving rotation of a handful of brands I like

A lot. I can’t keep track of them all!

Classic Rosada
suits your personality